Check it out: KPTZ radio working waterfront interviews!

Each month, Christopher Bricker of KPTZ 91.9 FM radio does “working waterfront” interviews. Check out the KPTZ blog for a list of these interviews and what they’re about, then click, listen, and enjoy!

The latest edition  (M 12, 2022) of Our Working Waterfront, Chris Bricker and Co-Hosts, Port Commissioner Pam Petranek and Port of Port Townsend’s Director Eron Berg, update us on happenings around our busy Boat Yard. After Eron’s Port update, Chris and Pam take a stroll down the Boathaven’s “A Dock” to visit 23-year-old Damian Detweiller, who moved here from Aspen, Colorado to attend the Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building. He now works at the Shipwrights Co-Op, and tends to his boat Lacey, using the talents he’s brought with him, and the skills he’s learned from the Boat School and as an apprentice to the Co-Op’s fine craftsmen. We learn about Damien’s projects, plans, dreams, and his deep love of boats.

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