Moorage Waitlist Form & Information

Moorage Waiting List Procedures

A non-refundable fee in the amount of $50.00 will be required in order to be placed on the waiting list. All applicants will be charged an annual renewal fee in the amount of $25.00, to be paid by the end of the anniversary month, or be removed from the list.

Please note: All rate are subject to change upon Commission decision.

Applicant is responsible for keeping the Port advised of current address and telephone numbers, and informing the Port of any changes in any information on the waiting list application. It is also the applicant’s responsibility to provide an alternate contact for use by the moorage office in the event that moorage becomes available and the applicant cannot be reached at the primary address.

When your name is at the top of the list, you are given ten (10) days in which to respond. If there is no response, we will go to the next person on that list, and you will be dropped to the bottom of the list.

  • Submission of application signifies acknowledgement of having read, understood, and agreed to comply with the Waiting List Policies as outlined in Port Rules & Regulations.

Moorage Wait Lists are based on OAL – overall length.

  • OAL: Total linear measurement in feet and inches from the pointy and rearward to the furthermost protruding object OVERALL LENGTH
  • LOD: Boat Builders LENGTH ON DECK
  • WLL: Fish eye view WATERLINE LENGTH


Dimensional Considerations

  • Berthage is assigned by Moorage Management with regard to vessel’s overall length (OAL) and beam. The OAL of a vessel shall be the measurement from the extreme point of the bow to the extreme point of the stern, including all gear and appurtenances (See Rules and Regulations).
  • No vessel shall exceed the maximum length or allowable width of any assigned berth, execept as may be permitted at the discretion of the Harbor Master, consistent with necessary vessel maneuvering and safety considerations (See Rules and Regulations).
  • Vessel size requirements for Pleasure and Commercial Slips:

Slip Designation / Max OAL / Max Beam*
*Maximum Beam may not apply to Linear Docks for lver-wide, over 55′ and Business spaces.

25′ / 25′ / 10′
27′ / 27′ / 10′
30′ (A/B Docks) / 30′ / 12′
30′ (C/D Docks) / 32′ / 10′
35′ / 35′ / 10′
40′ (B Docks) / 40′ / 14′
40′ (C/D Docks) / 42′ / 12′
45′ (A/B Docks) / 45′ / 14′
45′ (C/D Docks) / 47′ / 12′
50′ / 52′ / 16′
over 52′ / — / —


Moorage Waiting List Form

  • Requests for business or commercial moorage will require you to provide a copy of your current business/commercial license to the Administration office.

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