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The Wooden Boats of Port Townsend

In a world where wooden boats have largely disappeared, more than 20% of the boats in our marinas are still made of wood. Over 100 wooden boats of all sizes and styles navigate our local waters and are maintained by members of this community. This diverse collection of vessels is literally a visual history of 20th century boat design and range in age from one hundred and twenty years to brand new wood creations.

This web page is an opportunity to document the Port of Port Townsend’s classic vessels and celebrate the in-water living wooden boat tradition of our community.

Emma Rose

Design: Gand Banks 32
Builder: American Marine
Designer: Kenneth Smith
LOA: 32’
Draft: 3’ 9’
Beam: 11’ 6”
Displacement: 17,000 lbs
Year built: 1971
Hull material: Mahogny
Power/Sail/Human Powered: Powered


Owner: Bertram Levy
Design: Renegade
Builder: Bertram Levy
Designer: Lyle Hess
LOA:  32’ 7”
Draft: 4’ 6”
Beam: 8’ 11”
Displacement: 11,000 lbs
Year built:  1984
Hull material: Port Orford cedar
Power/Sail/Human Powered: Sail


Owner: Kaci Cronkhite
Design: Spitzgatter
Builder: Karl Thomsen
Designer: MSJ Hansen
LOA: 28’
Draft: 5’ 10’
Beam: 9’ 6”
Year built: 1936
Hull material: Larch pine
Power/Sail/Human Powered: Sail


Owner: Carl Berger
Design: Pacific Northwest Troller
Builder: Jacobson Brothers, Ballard, WA
Designer: Ed Monk Sr.
LOA: 45’
Draft: 7’
Beam: 13’
Displacement: 72,000 lbs
Year Built: 1944
Hull Material: Fir
Power/Sail/Human Powered: Power


Owner: Bertram Levy
Design: Modified Spitzgatter
Builder: Bertram Levy
Designer: Augie Nielsen
LOA: 19’
Draft:  2’ 8”
Beam: 6’ 10”
Displacement: 3,000 lbs
Year Built: 2019
Hull Material: Honduras mahogany
Power/Sail/Human Powered: Sail

Patty B

Owner: Larry Cheek
Design: Song Wren
Builder: Larry Cheek
Designer: Sam Devlin
LOA: 26’ 7”
Draft:  3’
Beam: 7’ 5”
Displacement: 2,800 lbs
Year Built: 2019
Hull Material: Okoume marine plywood
Power/Sail/Human Powered: Sail


Owner: Leslie Lincoln
Design: Modified H-28
Builder: Far East Yard, Yokusuka, Japan
Designer: L. Francis Herrshoff
LOA: 33’
Draft:  4’ 6”’
Beam: 8’ 6”
Displacement: 10,000 lbs
Year Built: 1965
Hull Material: African Mahogony
Power/Sail/Human Powered: Sail


Owner: Jack and Elizabeth Becker
Design: Lake Union Dream Boat – Bridge Deck Version
Builder: Lake Union Dry Dock
Designer: L.E. “Ted” Geary
LOA: 42’ 6”
Draft:  3’ 6”
Beam: 11’ 6”
Displacement: 24,000 lbs
Year Built: 1928
Hull Material: Fir planking on oak frames
Power/Sail/Human Powered: Power

Nellie Juan

Owner: Dennis and Pat McGuire
Design: 36’ Offshore Cutter
Builder: Ray Speck and Tim Lee
Designer: H.E. Cox
LOA: 36’
Draft:  5’
Beam: 11’
Displacement: 25,000 lbs
Year Built: 1998
Hull Material:  Douglas fir
Power/Sail/Human Powered: Power


Owner: Connor Cunningham
Design: Folkboat
Builder: Knud Heller Pederson Yacht Yard
Designer: Tord Sunden
LOA: 25’
Draft:  4’
Beam: 7’ 2”
Displacement: 4,200 lbs
Year Built: 1950
Hull Material:  Pine
Power/Sail/Human Powered: Sail