Boats for Sale or Auction

Please note:  the public auction of boats set for Monday, March 28, 2022, has been cancelled.


Boats available for purchase:

None at this time.


All sales will be final and will be made for cash only. Failure to remove a boat or vessel from Port of Port Townsend property within ten (10) days of the sale shall result in forfeiture of the purchase price and the vessel to the Port of Port Townsend.

No warranty of any kind is given by the Port of Port Townsend concerning boat(s) or vessel(s) included in the sale. The Port reserves the right to reject any/or all bids. For more information, please call the Yard Office at 360-385-6211 or email, Operations Manager Chris Sparks at

Please check the Legal Notices in the Port Townsend Leader for boats currently up for auction.