Port of Port Townsend Commissioners met in executive session on Monday, April 11, 2016 to review the completed applications of 19 candidates for the Port’s Executive Director Position.

The Commissioners narrowed that pool down to 8 candidates, and staff has been instructed to conduct due diligence on the candidates and set up interviews.

“I was pleasantly surprised in the quantity and quality of the candidates who applied,” said current Executive Director Larry Crockett, who is retiring at the end of May, after 17 years of service. “The applicants demonstrated experience in port operations, as well as environmental and capital project management. The Commissioners alone will select the new Executive Director, but I was also pleased to see that the candidates have experience collaborating with public and private entities,” he said.

According to Director of Finance/Port Auditor S. Abigail Berg, the majority of the 19 candidates were from Western Washington, and that most applications came into the office during the final week the position was posted. “The applicants represent a highly-qualified group, both in experience, training, and education,” she said.

A special executive session will be held on April 21, 2016 to review the due diligence and determine interview dates and times with the selected candidates. Port Commissioners are still determining the scope of the public process that will be facilitated when the final candidates are interviewed.