The popular website, has just listed the best on-airport restaurants in the United States, and Jefferson County International Airport’s  Spruce Goose Cafe is listed as one of the ten best.

“The $100 Hamburger – A Pilots’ Guide” has been general aviation’s Zagat Guide for twenty-five years. It contains reviews of easily accessible, on-airport restaurants located on general aviation friendly airports in the United States.

The Spruce Goose received one of 10 “special mentions:”

“Pie—Spruce Goose Café at Jefferson County International Airport (0S9) in Port Townsend, Washington; 360/385-3185. Pies include cream, apple, cherry, butterscotch, some with oatmeal toppings, and Marionberry—meaning a specially bred blackberry tested in Marion County, Oregon, in the 1940s.”

Congratulations to the Spruce Goose!