The historic Schooner Adventuress has been moored at Point Hudson this winter, working with the Port Townsend School District on its new Maritime Discovery Initiative, the effort to give Port Townsend students experience with craftsmanship, stewardship, leadership, and citizenship while acquiring problem-solving and team-building skills.

The Peninsula Daily news published a story today detailing these efforts, and the Adventuress‘ role (via their nonprofit organization Sound Experience.)

“The 133-foot, 100-ton historical ship is now moored in Point Hudson, a different location than the Boat Haven where it had spent the last five winters while its hull, masts, drive train and other parts were restored or replaced.

The Port of Port Townsend “made it easy for us to be in Point Hudson,” according to Catherine Collins, Sound Experience executive director.

A space large enough for the historic vessel to spend the entire winter was created there, she said.

Crew training on the Adventuress begins in March. After that, Sound Experience will begin its own instructional season.”

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