Check it out: KPTZ radio working waterfront interviews!

Each month, Christopher Bricker of KPTZ 91.9 FM radio does “working waterfront” interviews. Check out the KPTZ blog for a list of these interviews and what they’re about, then click, listen, and enjoy!

In this month’s edition of Our Working Waterfront, KPTZ’s Chris Bricker joins Co-Hosts Port Director Eron Berg and Port Commissioner Pam Petranek for an update on happenings around the Port. Then Pam gives a special guided tour of the Boat Yard for high school student guests from the Port Townsend Maritime Academy, along with their instructor Karl Jorden.

We’ll visit with Shipwrights Pat Mahon, Cory Armstrong (owner of Goldstar Marine), Pete Stein, Melanya Nordstrom, and Dave Thompson.

Working in the Boat Yard means building friendships and experiences along the way. Opportunities abound to learn about design, building, maintenance and repair.  Businesses in the Yard are independent yet interconnected, because they complement one another in so many ways. You can start out with a box of tools, work with others or on your own, be employed by businesses, rent shop space.

A good work ethic and the willingness to learn are the main ingredients that can lead to a fine career as a shipwright.

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