PT Hot Sheet——————–February 24, 2022——————–

Key federal environmental step done toward Point Hudson jetty project

A crucial step toward completing federal environmental review of the proposed jetty replacement at the mouth of the Point Hudson Marina has been completed. Port Capital Projects Director Matt Klontz reported to the Port Commission at its Feb. 23 meeting that the Port has obtained the signed biological opinion that will allow the Port to complete its federal environmental review, necessary to obtain the permits needed for the work. It also allows the Port to complete a funding agreement with the U.S. Department of Commerce, which has earmarked $7 million for the project. “We’re in really good shape,” Klontz said. The project could begin in the fall of 2022.

SEA Marine leases the sail loft part of the Armory Building at Point Hudson

The Port has prepared a lease that brings a canvas service offered by SEA Marine to the sail loft located inside the historic Armory Building at Point Hudson. SEA Marine will lease 3,335 square feet for five years with another five-year option, at a rate of 69 cents per square foot. SEA Marine has long done canvas work, and recently acquired another canvas firm based in Port Hadlock. The sail loft space at Point Hudson is iconic. It was occupied by sailmaker Carol Hasse of Hasse and Co. (Port Townsend Sails). That operation was acquired by the Shipwright’s Co-op and moved to the Boat Haven when Carol Hasse retired from sailmaking. She was recently elected to the Port Commission from District 2.

Precision Approach Engineering signs on as JCIA engineer

After interviewing three firms, the Port has selected Precision Approach Engineering to assist with a variety of projects planned for Jefferson County International Airport, which is operated by the Port. The Port intends to sign a five-year agreement to get Precision’s help with several projects funded largely by the Federal Aviation Administration. The first one, said Capital Projects Director Matt Klontz, is development of a second taxiway between the runway and the parallel taxiway. The Port Commission approved the selection on Feb. 23.

Port Commission approves membership of Sims Way stakeholder group

The Port Commission unanimously endorsed the creation of a stakeholder group to be involved in the Sims Way Gateway project which has been appointed by the City of Port Townsend. One of the members of this group, Joni Blanchard, works in the marine trades and was named as a representative of the Boat Yard. The project has many facets. The PUD has proposed cutting those Sims Way poplars that interfere with transmission lines along the Boat Yard. If those transmission lines are put underground, the Port expects to expand the Boat Yard 25 feet toward Sims Way. That expansion, according to Port figures, could increase marine trades employment by 10 after one year and by 20 after five years. The City has proposed cutting poplars on the Kah Tai side of Sims Way and replacing them with native trees. Port Commission Chair Pam Petranek endorsed public engagement in the project as crucial, and said there are many channels for it, including the stakeholders’ group, the City’s tree committee, and all three governing entities.

No more midnight calls from boaters to Terry Khile

Terry Khile, most recently the Port Operations Manager, closed out his almost 34 years as a Port employee this week, by accepting the effusive thanks of Port staff and commissioners. “You gave way more than you ever took,” said Executive Director Eron Berg. “You’ve had a lasting impact on the Boat Yard.” Recalled Deputy Director Eric Toews, “I can’t tell you how many callouts in the middle of the night Terry took, in the wind and the rain.” Khile joked that he had turned in his Port cell phone, so those late-night calls would now go elsewhere.