PT Hot Sheet——————–March 17, 2022——————–

Point Hudson jetty rebuild advances for Fall 2022

Funding and permits have lined up for the rebuild of the first of the two jetties at the Point Hudson Marina, starting in mid-September 2022. A final “go or no-go” decision awaits the results of the bidding process that should be completed by mid-June. If the Port receives a responsive bid within budget, Port Capital Facilities Director Matt Klontz said the project should go ahead. It would mean the Point Hudson Marina would be emptied of boats and completely closed from mid-September 2022, right after the Wooden Boat Festival, to mid-March 2023. That process would be repeated in a year for the work on the second jetty. Port Harbormaster Kristian Ferrero will contact all Point Hudson permanent moorage customers – about 50 boats – to learn where they want to relocate during the closure. He said the Port should have room for most Point Hudson boats either in the water or on the land at the Boat Haven during the Point Hudson marina closure.


Port Commission returns to in-person meeting March 23 at PT Yacht Club

For the first time in two years, the Port of Port Townsend Commission will return to in-person meetings at its Wednesday, March 23 business meeting. The 5:30 p.m. meeting, to be held at the Port Townsend Yacht Club at 2503 Washington St. in Port Townsend, will also have Zoom capability for those attending remotely. The change is due to dropping COVID rates in the county and the nation. Some customer service offices, such as the Point Hudson Moorage Office and Port Admin offices, are also now open to normal public access.


Port celebrates support from Washington State Legislature

The recently concluded session of the Washington State Legislature was a good one for the Port of Port Townsend. A top priority, additional state capital funding for the planned rebuild of the jetties at the mouth of the Point Hudson Marina, received an additional $1.5 million, bringing the State’s total investment in the project to $2.5 million. State Rep. Steve Tharinger, chair of the House Capital Budget Committee, was applauded for his support. Other programs used by the Port, including funds for the demolition of derelict vessels and for the Community Economic Revitalization Board, were also approved. CERB recently awarded the Port $50,000 to plan westward expansion of the Boat Yard. The Port Commission will hear a full briefing at its March 23 meeting, which begins at 5:30 p.m.


Sims Way Gateway and Boat Yard Expansion project steps taken

There have been several developments on the three-government project around improvements and landscape changes for Sims Way between Kah Tai Lagoon Park and the Port’s Boat Yard. The Port has hired a professional arborist to make a report on the health of the poplars that have grown into the PUD’s high-voltage transmission lines. The City plans to have the first meeting of a new advisory stakeholders group in mid-April, with full public access to the group’s discussions and deliberations. The Port, in collaboration with the City, has advertised for a project consultant with expertise in public engagement and engineering. The Port hopes to gain about an acre of linear space along Sims Way for its crowded Boat Yard, and to mitigate the risk of high-voltage transmission lines.


Grant for new pump-out options at Port marinas approved by State

A grant that would vastly improve the sewage pump-out facilities at all three Port-owned marinas (Boat Haven, Point Hudson and Quilcene) has been approved by Washington State Parks, which manages a federally funded clean water program. The grant will generate $240,535 in federal funds towards $320,713 in costs to improve current pump-out stations and add mobile facilities – dock carts and a floating pump-out vessel.  The Port is seeking public nominations for a vessel name (Pumpty Dumpty is already taken, as is Royal Flush). Berg thanked citizen Jeff Kelety, active with the Moorage Tenants Association, for promoting the grant and doing the paperwork for the successful application.