Check it out: KPTZ radio working waterfront interviews!

Each month, Christopher Bricker of KPTZ 91.9 FM radio does “working waterfront” interviews. Check out the KPTZ blog for a list of these interviews and what they’re about, then click, listen, and enjoy!

The latest edition  (M 11, 2022) of Our Working Waterfront, Chris Bricker and Co-Hosts, Port Commissioner Pam Petranek and Port of Port Townsend’s Director Eron Berg, update us on happenings around our busy Boat Yard. Then we speak with marine trades and sailing icon Diana Talley about her project to explore the vast network of women here who love the sea and are deeply connected to it. She also arranged the first-ever group photograph of waterfront women, taken at Port Townsend’s City Dock on March 11.Then we pay a visit to Greg and Joey Veitenhans (pictured above) as they sit on the port rail of f.v. Voyager.  Greg speaks of five generations of fishermen, tells us how he met his wive, Ava, and what it was like to raise two sons, Henry and Joey, on a fishing boat.  Greg and family could ply us with enough stories for three more episodes! Joey, by the way, just earned his 100-ton Master Captain’s license at age 19.

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