PT Hot Sheet——————–February 10, 2022——————–

Port’s new 75-ton Travelift ready to roll

Boat Haven crews helped piece together the parts of the new 75-ton Travelift from Kendrick Equipment this week. It should lift its first vessel either Thursday or Friday. It replaces a smaller 70-ton hoist from 1985 which has become hard to maintain. A christening of the new lift is set for Wednesday, Feb. 16 at noon at the 300-ton washdown pad.

Quilcene-area marina plans are advancing

On Feb. 9, Port Commissioners heard from Quilcene residents Ann Ricker and Ray Canterbury about plans for improvements at the Herb Beck Marina. On Feb. 2, Executive Director Eron Berg and other staff gathered with 38 residents. Options ranged from maintaining existing facilities to reconfiguring the marina, and adding an RV park and camping sites on upland property. The Quilcene residents said they appreciated the Port’s follow-through, but noted many locals are undecided about upgrades that might replace locals’ use and enjoyment with increased visitor traffic. Discussions about how the marina might be able to pay for itself are also continuing.

Abandoned boats demolished to make way for good ones

Operations Manager Chris Sparks reported that 13 abandoned or derelict vessels are being demolished by Port staff as part of an $81,000 contract with the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The Port started tearing the derelict vessels apart on Feb. 7. The 13 boats, some of them abandoned on Port property and others elsewhere or raised from the bottom, were taking up valuable space in the Boat Yard. The DNR manages derelict vessel removal.

Point Hudson jetty replacement advances but at higher cost

The replacement of the jetties at the Point Hudson Marina is moving ahead on several fronts. Port Capital Projects Director Matt Klontz is expecting federal permits soon along with approval of a federal grant for $7 million. The work is tentatively slated for fall of 2022. He also told the Port Commission Feb. 9 that the projected cost has increased by about $2 million due to the rapidly rising cost of steel and labor. Executive Director Eron Berg is working with the Legislature in search of state capital funds to assist.

Port financial report shows strong growth, solid reserves

Finance Director Abigail Berg’s report at the Feb. 9 meeting showed strong Port revenue growth over the five-year period ending in 2021. Port revenues from operations grew an average of 7% over that period. Expenses have grown an average of 2.6% over the same five-year period. Berg noted the Port has added staff and is doing more repair and maintenance. The 2021 ending cash balance is $6.5 million, and Port reserves are now $4.6 million, Berg reported.

Port, County working on new agreement over moderate risk waste facility

In its continuing effort to find new boatyard space for vessels, the Port is negotiating with Jefferson County officials on the future of the county-operated Moderate Risk Waste Facility located at the Boat Haven. The MRW facility has a lease good until 2047. The Port has asked to shorten that term to late 2024 so the lot can shift to a marine-related use, said Port Deputy Director Eric Toews. The Port and County are working on alternatives that can include the collection of moderate wastes around the county, including at Port facilities. Negotiations continue.

Commission meetings will stay on the current schedule

The Port of Port Townsend Commission has decided to retain its current schedule of two monthly public meetings, with one at 1 p.m. (second Wednesday of the month) and the other at 5:30 p.m. (fourth Wednesday of the month).