The Port Report Summer/Fall Edition — AKA Wooden Boat Edition — was published this week and made available as inserts in both the PT Leader.

Here is a short list of some of the stories included:

  • ‘Builders to wooden boats: from one living to another’ by Commissioner Bill Putney
  • ‘PT’s wooden boat culture’ by Executive Director Eron Berg
  • ‘From sailing kids to charter skippers’ (Brown & Flanagan)
  • ‘The wooden boats of Port Townsend’ by Bertram Levy
  • ‘Two journeys cross paths in Port Townsend’ by Carl Berger
  • ‘Thunderbird: Legacy of a family & a wooden boat’  (Joe Daubenberger)
  • ‘An oldie but a goodie’ (Mark Stout’s band saw)
  • ‘Wooden boats are a Kelety family affair’ by Jeff Kelety

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