On Thursday, July 27, 2017, Washington State’s Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) awarded the Port of Port Townsend $50,000 in grant funding to conduct a feasibility study leading to development of a business plan for the Quilcene Marina and upland properties.

This study will provide the Port with a strategy to fulfill the potential of Quilcene Marina and upland properties; including, but not limited to: an approach to achieving financial sustainability, attracting outside investment, protecting natural resources, and enhancing public access.

A 25% project match required by the CERB grant, will bring available project funding to $67,000. The Port will select a qualified consultant through its regular procurement processes. The anticipated scope of work will include a market assessment, site conditions assessment, and business plan. The final plan will outline a preferred land use plan, strategies for the use of key properties, and an approach for maintenance and capital improvements to the marina.

The marina area consists of about 40 acres of waterfront and adjoining upland at the shores of Quilcene Bay. The success of the upland development and the viability of the marina are interconnected. The marina accommodates up to 50 boats and serves commercial fishing, including tribal fishing, and aquaculture facilities. Marine trades and public recreational opportunities found at these properties play a vital role in the community.