The Port of Port Townsend is proud to exhibit the photography of local resident, Tom White, at the Administration Building, 2701 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend. Administration days/hours are Monday – Friday  8 am- 4:30 pm. (closed on MLK, Jr. Day, Jan 16). This show should last through approximately the end of March. Please stop by!

My name is Tom White and I was born and raised in Minnesota. I have been interested in art and seemed to have a talent for it since I was young. Drawing and painting were my media as a teenager and young adult, and I took classes in high school and college. Living in northern Minnesota and later in Alaska, I developed an appreciation of nature and the outdoors.

After I married my wife, Wendy, in 1980 we moved to Juneau, Alaska where I ventured into photography. There were plenty of photo ops in this scenic capitol of Alaska, and I even had a show in which my work was well received.

Wendy and I have lived, worked, and raised our children (Eric and Lora) in Port Townsend, Washington during the past twenty-nine years. There was a hiatus in my artistic photographic pursuits until the past couple of years. I purchased my first digital camera at that time and returned to my passion with renewed dedication. I have mentored with David Conklin, a professional photographer in Port Townsend. Other local artists (photographers, painters and others) have admired my work and offered encouragement.
I have a knack for viewing my subjects abstractly. My subjects range from nature to the marina to character studies and more. I strive to be sensitive, patient, and persistent in my craft. Also I intend for my photographs to invite interpretation, and move my audience to delve into them, to seek meaning or even to find another perspective. There are potential photographs everywhere – creative photography happens with a personal vision of the subject. I like to take ordinary subjects and make them extraordinary.

My photographs will be exhibited at the Port of Port Townsend Administrative Building, 2701 Jefferson Street (behind the Safeway gas station) January 1 – mid March, 2017; Coldwell Banker Real Estate in downtown Port Townsend, May, 2017; Elevated Ice Cream in downtown Port Townsend for the month of June, 2017.