An easy-to-use billing and reservation system will bring many benefits to the Port of Port Townsend’s hundreds of customers.

Port staff is excited about the new platform from a marina management company called Molo, and will phase in its implementation in early 2021, said Abigail Berg, the Port’s Director of Finance and Administration.

This cloud-based system will issue bills for ALL Port customers, whether from the Herb Beck Marina, Jefferson County International Airport, Boat Haven, the Boatyard or Point Hudson.
Among the improvements for Port customers:

  • Emailed bills that include, via a secure website, complete details on current billings as of Jan. 1. (Customers with balances due as of Dec. 31 will need Port staff support to get prior system details.)
  • An easy and secure platform from which to make credit card payments online.
  • Online, direct reservations for guest moorage or RV parking at Point Hudson.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Molo Online Billing System


Question:  When are the Point Hudson Online Reservations going to be available so I don’t have to call for a reservation?

Answer:  It was initially slated for February 1st, but it will take a few more weeks.  We want to make sure this part of the software is working properly so we can avoid future frustrations.  Hang in there, it’s coming!


Question:  I got my emailed statement and saw I could pay directly from a link in the email.  I paid some of the bill, but not the whole thing as I had questions on charges.  Later, I had my question answered and wanted to pay, but the link didn’t work.  What happened?

Answer:  Yes, once you’ve used that link to pay, it is no longer usable; this will not change.  The best advice is to click on the link and download or print a copy of your invoice – if you need that for your business or personal records.  (to Print, right-click > print, or press Ctrl/P) Then if you have any questions, call the office from where your invoice was generated, or email them at the location to get your question answered.  Once your question is answered, you can access the link again and pay the amount you’d like.  Here are the emails for questions:  (this is Moorage and Yard)


Question:  I got my emailed statement and it said I could pay online by clicking on a button in the email.  Will I be charged extra to do this?

Answer:  No!  There are no extra charges to customers for paying with a credit card (or debit card) whether they are set-up as an “Auto-Pay” customer, or they pay through their emailed statement.


Question:  I’m seeing a “Standalone Invoice” dated December 1, 2020 on my Statement, what is that?

Answer:  This is an amount that was carried over from the last billing system.  Contact the Port for details on that amount if you have questions.  This was only a cross-over or transfer of balances from the old system and shouldn’t occur again.


Question:  I got my statement and it says Point Hudson Marina & RV Park at the top, but I lease property at Point Hudson, why is that?

Answer:  When we set-up this new system, we did it by location.  These are the locations:

    • Point Hudson Marina & RV Park – includes Moorage, RVs and Properties
    • Boat Haven Marina – Moorage
    • Port Townsend Boatyard – includes Boatyard, Workyard and Properties
    • Herb Beck Marina – includes Moorage and Properties
    • Jefferson County International Airport

Question:  My statement usually has the Bathroom code on it, now it doesn’t!

Answer:  The Bathroom code used to be at the TOP of the statement, now it is at the BOTTOM.


Question:  I sent in my Credit Card Authorization for auto payments, when will it be billed?

Answer:  We are still receiving these authorizations, and some are missing key information, so we’ll have to contact customers.  Usually, Auto Payments are run on or around the 15th each month.  For the month of January, it was done on or around the 20th.  In case there was missing information on your authorization, please be patient, we’ll contact you to get that information, and there will be no late charges for those with January balances due.  Not to worry!


Question:  I received a statement, but it only lists invoices?  How do I know what I’m being charged for?

Answer:  With emailed statements, there’s quick link to view the details of your charges!  Printed statements do not have that advantage and require staff to provide those details.  If you provide your email to us for statements, you’ll have the freedom to view those details at your convenience!


Question:  How do I change from getting printed statements to emailed?

Answer:  Email the Moorage or Accounting offices to make that switch and put that into the subject line of the email!


Question:  My statement shows “Boat Haven Marina”, but I don’t have a slip, I’m a tenant.  What’s going on?

Answer:  In Molo, the Port set it up so that Boat Haven includes both the marina and properties at Boat Haven.  You didn’t get the wrong bill!


Question:  On my statement, I was charged for an invoice dated December 1, 2020.  When I clicked on the “View Detail / Pay online Now” button, it said this was a Prior System Balance.  What is that?

Answer:  This could be 1 of 2 things.  This could be that you had an outstanding balance at 12/31/2020 and this was how we transferred that balance to Molo.  Or this could be your KWH reading that was done at month end (boatyard, or marina).  End of month KWH readings would normally be included in your next month billing (Dec. reading billed with January).  This was a one-time occurrence with the conversion to a new system.


Question:  If I receive an emailed statement, do I have to pay online?

Answer:  No, you aren’t required to pay online just because you received an online statement.  You can still pay by check, but PLEASE be sure to reference the NAME ON THE STATEMENT on your check.  Molo uses names instead of account numbers (whether company names or individual names).


Question:  There’s no remittance section on my statement, what do I do?

Answer:  Yes, there will no longer be a remittance section to your statement, whether emailed or printed.  These have traditionally been for mail-in payments.  You can simply print your email and return it with your payment which will assist in proper allocation.


Question:  My emailed statement shows a Due Date of 12/31/2050, that’s got to be an error!

Answer:  Yes!  Technically, this is an error in that it is NOT a true “due date”.  This date is used internally by the Port to indicate you are a permanent tenant, and it allows us in the Molo system to not have to change your “reservation” in Molo annually.  We’re working with Molo to have these removed from the statements.


Question:  I used to be set-up for auto-payments for my charges from the Port, will that automatically be transferred over to Molo?

Answer:  No.  If you’d like to resume auto-payments, please submit an updated form — either mail via USPS or drop off at the Port’s Accounting Office.  We discourage returning these forms via email because it is not secure.  We want the forms to be mailed in or dropped off at Accounting in the Admin. Bldg. (2701 Jefferson) to maintain that security. Click here for the form!


Question:  Are the auto-payments processed in the same time period as before?

Answer:  Yes.  All auto-payments are processed on or around the 15th of each month.


Question:  I heard the Port charges some sort of a fee for taking credit cards.  Is that true?

Answer:  No.  The Port does not charge customers for using their credit cards to pay invoices from the Port.