Molo Online Reservation & Billing System FAQ

Please note: reservations for 2022 are open for January 15 to September 8, 2022, only at this time.

The Port is waiting on permitting to start the Jetty Replacement Project this fall/winter.  Please check back here again later for updates that will be posted as soon as the information is available.  Thank you!

 Please read a few pointers below about the system:

  • The system is very easy to use, and almost all fields/questions must be answered to complete a reservation.
  • All RV and Marina reservations are now going through the online system. The links on this page will take you directly to Molo.
  • On the Molo Online Booking site, you input the desired dates, and fill out the requested fields to see what sites are available.
  • After an available site is selected it will be held/locked just for you for 10 minutes to complete your transaction. If the timer expires before completion, the space will become available to everyone once again and is no longer guaranteed available.
  • After inputting your desired dates, and details of your vehicle/vessel, if there is no availability, a red error message shows explaining why…we’re booked!
  • Once you’ve found available dates for for your vehicle/vessel, you must pay the reservation fee online. A confirmation email will be sent to include the dates and space requested.
  • Changes cannot be made online. You must either email or call 360-385-2828 to cancel your current reservation so that you can make your new reservation based on availability. Note, new reservations are not guaranteed and are subject to an additional reservation fee.
  • Cancellations cannot be done online. The easiest way to cancel your reservation is to FORWARD the confirmation email you received after your original booking and add CANCELLATION to the email subject line.  You can also call the Point Hudson Facility office at 360-385-2828.

Frequently Asked Question about Molo Online Reservation & Billing System
As of October 21, 2021

Cancellation Policy and Additional Notes:

  • Reservation fees are non-refundable
  • Reservations must be cancelled 48 hours prior to arrival
  • Reservations cancelled within the 48 hours will be charged the first night’s stay


Question:  When are the Point Hudson Online Reservations for Moorage going to be available so I don’t have to call for a reservation?
Answer:  Online reservations for Marina/Moorage are available starting May 21, 2021.

BEFORE YOU CLICK BELOW, note the following:

1.  When you “Pay” for the reservation online, it is ONLY for the $11.00 reservation fee, the cost of your STAY needs to be paid UPON ARRIVAL.

2.  If there are no Resources (slips) available, the online reservation system for the Marina gives you an option to submit a request to check further. Please DISREGARD THIS OPTION. We’re working to remove this “option” because if there are no Resources available, we are full for that time period and are unable to do anything further. It would be best for you to try booking at a later time and/or try choosing a different reservation date or slip. THANK YOU!

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Question:  I got my emailed statement and saw I could pay directly from a link in the email.  I paid some of the bill, but not the whole thing as I had questions on charges.  Later when I had my question answered and wanted to pay, but the link didn’t work.  What happened?
Answer:  Yes, once you’ve used that link to pay, it is no longer usable; this will not change.  The best advice is to click on the link and download or print a copy of your invoice – if you need that for your business or personal records.  (to Print, right click > print, or press Ctrl/P) Then if you have any questions, call the office from where your invoice was generated, or email them at the location to get your question answered.  Once your question is answered, you can access the link again and pay the amount you’d like.  Here are the emails for questions:

Question:  I got my monthly statement and it says Point Hudson Marina & RV Park at the top, but I lease property at Point Hudson, why is that?
Answer:  When we set-up this new system, we did it by location.  These are the locations:

  •  Point Hudson Marina & RV Park – includes Moorage, RVs and Properties
  •  Boat Haven Marina – includes Moorage and Properties
  •  Port Townsend Boatyard – includes Boatyard (300T) and Workyard (70/75T)
  •  Herb Beck Marina – includes Moorage and Properties
  •  Jefferson County International Airport

Question:  My statement usually has the Bathroom code on it, now it doesn’t!
Answer:  The Bathroom code used to be at the TOP of the statement, now it is at the bottom, there may be several pages so be sure to scroll down!

Question:  I received a statement, but it only lists invoices?  How do I know what I’m being charged for?
Answer:  With emailed statements, there’s quick link to view the details of your charges!  Printed statements do not have that advantage and require staff to provide those details.  If you provide your email to us for statements, you’ll have the freedom to view those details at your convenience!

Question:  How do I change from getting printed statements to emailed?
Answer:  Email the Moorage or Accounting offices to make that switch and put that into the subject line of the email!

Question:  My statement shows “Boat Haven Marina”, but I don’t have a slip, I’m a tenant.  What’s going on?
Answer:  In Molo, the Port set it up so that Boat Haven includes both the marina and properties at Boat Haven.  You didn’t get the wrong bill!

Question:  There’s no remittance section on my statement, what do I do?
Answer:  Yes, there is no longer a remittance section to your statement, whether emailed or printed.  These have traditionally been for mail-in payments.  You can simply print your email and return it with your payment which help to properly allocate.


Question:  I got my emailed statement and it said I could pay online by clicking on a button in the email.  Will I be charged extra to do this?
Answer:  No!  There are no extra charges to customers for paying with a credit card (or debit card) whether they are set-up as an “Auto-Pay” customer, they pay through their emailed statement, in an online RV reservation.

Question:  I sent in my Credit Card Authorization Form for auto payments, when will it be billed?
Answer:  Once we receive the authorization forms, we first must make sure they are properly completed.  If there is missing information on your authorization form, please be patient, we’ll contact you to get that information.  These forms should be returned via USPS mail, faxed (360-385-3988) or dropped off at the Port’s Accounting Office.  We discourage returning these forms via email since email is not secure.  Auto Payments are run on or around the 15th each month.

Question:  But if I receive an emailed statement, do I have to pay online?
Answer:  No, you aren’t required to pay online just because you received an online statement.  You can still pay by check, but PLEASE be sure to reference the NAME ON THE STATEMENT on your check.  Molo uses names instead of account numbers (whether company names or individual names).