The Port of Port Townsend Commissioners held a regular meeting on April 8, 2015. For full meeting agenda and minutes (when approved), please view the April 8 Meeting Documents post.

However, we want to make sure interested parties are aware of the key takeaways from the April 8 meeting:

  • The Commissioners discussed the issues surrounding the Port’s role as the issuing agency for the Industrial Development Corporation.
  • The Commissioners voted to write a letter in support of Local 20/20’s grant to seek $250,000 from the Department of Energy for tourism-related electric vehicle charging stations.
  • The Commissioners held a first reading of a fee-based, non-compliance policy.
  • The Commissioners voted to open the Boat Haven restrooms, and the Point Hudson laundry restrooms beginning at 4:30am (open until 8pm)

Please contact the Port if you have any questions regarding this, or upcoming meetings.