On Wednesday 9/23, the contractor commenced efforts to correct pavement deficiencies on Runway 9/27. The effort involved diamond grinding of areas not meeting specification, to be followed this week with application of a P-608 seal coat on affected areas.

However, after observing site conditions during the rain event last week, followed by an inspection of the same areas on Monday 9/28 with the contractor and the Port’s airport engineer, Reid Middleton, it was determined that neither diamond grinding nor cutting and replacing specific pavement areas would succeed in providing a surface meeting project specifications.

Scarsella Brothers is now coordinating with its subcontractors to schedule application of an asphalt overlay to the entire runway surface as soon as possible. The precise timing of this work (which is likely to require a runway closure of up to one full week) has not yet been determined.

Accordingly, Runway 9/27 was re-opened at 5:01 p.m. on Monday 9/28, and will remain open until further notice (note: NOTAMs have been cancelled).

As soon as a schedule for the pavement overlay work has been developed, this information will be shared with the Jefferson County pilot community and general public. All future work will be weather-dependent. Please call 360-385-2323 if you have any questions or require further information.