Written by Scott Wilson, Working Port: 100 Years of the Port of Port Townsend, published in April 2024, tells the story of how the Port of Port Townsend came into existence in 1924, and how it has evolved over a century to its current reputation as a place of exceptional marine trades skills.

The book describes how the Port acquired its key facilities, including the Boat Haven Marina, Point Hudson, the Herb Beck Marina in Quilcene and the Jefferson County International Airport. It looks at the politics of each era and how those trends were translated, on the ground, into the way the Port evolved. That included plans, narrowly avoided, that would have throttled the quality marine trades we know today. Much of the second half of the book is devoted to the origins and evolution of the marine trades that has developed, today, a national reputation for its talents and breadth.

“Working Port” is a 200-page softback and is available for purchase for $12.95 plus tax at all Port Moorage Offices or by mail order from the Port Accounting Office at 360-379-5091. Copies also sold at many local businesses.