Port of Port Townsend
Public Workshop
Wednesday, February 13, 2019, 9:30 am
Port Commission Building
333 Benedict Street
Port Townsend, WA

AGENDA (click for agenda pdf)

  • Capital Budget

This is a review of the revised 2019 Capital Budget. Many changes have been made since our last review to address new priorities since our retreat. Staff is prepared to go through each change in detail in the workshop environment. We have also put this on the regular agenda should the Commission choose to adopt.

  • Restrooms/Laundry Room

The Boat Haven restroom project is now complete, and the transformation is very evident. New ventilation has been added and the entire system has been serviced. New paint and several new fixtures have given the restroom a new fresh appearance. Our maintenance staff has done an outstanding job. What we would like to discuss now is since all of this work has been completed is this the time where we lock the restrooms and make them only accessible to our tenants?

  • Department of Fish & Wildlife Update

We are still working with Washington State Fish and Wildlife on finalizing their lease at Point Hudson. We remain at an impasse about the creosote mitigation and their option to terminate the lease if the mitigation is not to their liking. This is a real stumbling block because they are asking us to spend up to $200,000 with no long-term commitment. 


Note: This is a Public Port Commission Workshop. Workshops are for information sharing only and no decisions will be made during the session. Public input may be taken at the Commissions’ discretion.