The latest edition  (February 11, 2022) of Our Working Waterfront, Chris Bricker and Co-Hosts, Port Commissioner Pam Petranek and Port of Port Townsend’s Director Eron Berg, wander the boatyard and meet up with brothers Tim and Mike Quant.

Tim  & Mike have been commercial fishermen all their lives, and throughout their years they’ve acquired valuable skills in the maritime trades.

In their “retirement” from commercial fishing, they tend to the haul-out needs of the f/v Sundancer, and enjoy life ashore as craftsmen.  Now they can fish leisurely, without the long hours and physical demands of the commercial season.

In his monthly recap, Eron tells us about the reorganization of the Port’s staff structure, and he applauds the arrival of the Port’s new Travel Lift,  Pam gives us the historical timeline of the boatyard since before the arrival of the very first Lift to the present day.

Of course, brothers Mike and Tim give us a few stories to spice up the boat yard talk!

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