An important issue to the Port – and thus to every citizen of Jefferson County – is the state of the Port facilities and infrastructure.

To provide citizens with the facts, we’ve compiled a list of each of the 47 different capital maintenance projects the Port has funded in the past 9 years (see below). Together, these projects represent more than $16 million in spending for capital maintenance. This does not include the new capital development of our boat ramp, airport taxiways or administration building.

In December of last year, we published an in-depth look at capital maintenance issues. Citizens can review that at


Point Hudson
Marina Dock Replacement $3,698,200
40 Ton Haul Haul-out Pier reconstruction $440,000
Marina Dredging $73,000
Hospital Building rehabilitation $1,330,417
Nurses Quarters rehabilitation $403,045
Sail Loft Roof Replacement $97,219
Sail Loft rewire and electrical upgrade $75,489
Underground Utilities at Port Hudson Facility $157,361
Painting of Buildings $45,470
Electrical Upgrades for RV Park $12,000
Rain Garden for stormwater treatment $5,700
Fire Flow Rehabilitation $128,000
Moorage office Rehabilitation $35,000
Shanghai Building Electrical Upgrade $12,600
Customs Border Patrol Renovation $275,171
Main Building Restroom $43,630
Marina Dredging $268,389
Float replacement $48,000
Septic System replacement $318,003
Water System replacement $69,356
Boat Ramps
New float and Port Hadlock $47,498
Runway over lay $509,291
Taxiway paving project $24,615
Beacon relocation $141,666
Boat Haven Marina
A/B Dock Replacement $4,567,006
Commercial Basin Rebuild $365,605
C/D Dock Headwalk Rehabilitation $153,306
Gangway replacement $58,860
New Electrical Transformers $17,000
New Pump out systems $15,000
Environmental Center Security fencing and locks $8,000
80 ton Haul Our Pier rebuild $1,090,000
Marina Office Renovation $92,216
Coast Guard Dock renovation $335,333
New Fuel Lines for fuel dock $79,240
Boat Haven Properties
New roofs on Industrial Park buildings $147,000
New doors in Brewery $10,000
Power upgrades in Yard $24,000
Yard office Renovation $35,000
Stormwater RX systems $375,000
Bio Char Downspout project $56,000
Shipyard Gravel Replacement $56,647
Commission Building Renovation $68,750
Stormwater vault cleaning $68,000
Level Three Stormwater response $200,360