The Port Townsend Boatyard is one of the busiest marine trades centers in the Pacific Northwest. Unique among area ports, the Boatyard is the only facility that allows “do-it-yourselfers” to work on their boats.

The Boatyard operates under permits from the Washington State Department of Ecology. As you’ve read previously, those permits depend on the Port reducing the amount of toxins such as lead, copper, and zinc that flow into Port Townsend Bay as stormwater runoff.

Every boat owner signs a Best Management Practices Agreement when bringing their boat into the yard. Developed in collaboration with the Marine Trades Association, these “BMPs” ensure that everyone working on their boats meets the necessary standards to allow the Port to continue to operate within its permit.

While virtually all owners and workers follow the BMPs, we are seeing a small handful of folks continually doing work in violation of these practices – a situation which puts everyone else at risk. The Port is investing heavily in stormwater treatment, but the best way to reduce pollution is to deal with it at the source. The BMPs accomplish that.

At the July 22, 2015 Commission Meeting, Port Commissioners adopted a series of fees that will be charged if workers are found to be out of compliance with BMPs. These changes were developed in collaboration with the Marine Trades Association.

If we identify a violation, we’ll do our best to determine whether or not it was due to lack of awareness of the BMPs, or an accident; these situations are likely to result in a warning. However, if it is clear that a choice was made to ignore the BMPs, you can expect a fee to be applied.

I’ve instructed staff to be reasonable, fair, and consistent in assessment of non-compliance. The vast majority of you will see no change – as you already follow the BMPs.

Best Management Practices Fees

  • A $100.00 fee will be applied to yard bill for any violation of the BMPs.
  • Second violations will be charged a fee of $500.00.
  • Third violations will be charged a fee of $1,000.00 and may result in permanent exclusion from the boatyard or marina.

The Port’s long-term goal is to ensure that everyone is aware of these Best Management Practices, and that they are tools for the Port and its customers to use in maintaining a high quality of environmental stewardship, which adds to the overall health of Puget Sound.

Please review these Best Management Practices, and as always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns – my door is always open.

Larry Crockett
Executive Director