(Pictured: electron microscope photograph of biochar structure)

Beginning in 2014, the Port – and many partners, including the Port Townsend Paper Company – began a feasibility study regarding the use of a biochar filter media to remove copper, zinc, and lead from stormwater created at the Boat Haven. The biochar is a byproduct of the mill’s energy production, and PTPC provided all of the biochar necessary for the project at no cost to the Port.

We are proud to have been part of a great team that has advanced another filter media to add to the “tool box” that the hundreds of National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit holders in the region can draw from to improve their stormwater quality.

We learned a great deal from the study, and the results we are seeing in reductions of toxins are quite positive, and have convinced us to continue to use the biochar media moving forward.

If you’d like to learn more about our stormwater efforts, contact Al Cairns at al@portofpt.com or 360.301.2225.