Airport Planning

Airport Master Plan

Planned development at Jefferson County International Airport — Pending FAA approval

The Jefferson County International Airport is owned and operated by the Port of Port Townsend and has been designated by Jefferson County as an Essential Public Facility in accordance with the provisions of the Washington State Growth Management Act (Chapter 36.70A RCW).  In 2001, the Port initiated a planning process, as specified in the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan, to update the Master Plan for the airport.  This updated Master Plan, prepared in accordance with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements, the provisions of the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan, and the Washington State Growth Management Act (GMA) provides direction and guidance regarding future airport development priorities. In the future, it will provide a foundation for a sub-area plan to be incorporated into the County Comprehensive Plan.

The Airport Master Plan provides an objective look at future airport needs based on a comprehensive review of design considerations. In addition, the plan addresses several issues that will affect future development activities at the Airport including:

  • Identification of current and future airport service levels.
  • Existing airport facilities, equipment and operating conditions.
  • Local and regional socio-economic characteristics, trends and development patterns.
  • Forecast levels of aeronautical activity from current and potential users.
  • Immediate and long-term airport facility requirements, and design alternatives.
  • Preferred long-term airfield, terminal area and access development strategy.
  • Industrial and commercial opportunities at the airport, and infrastructure needs.
  • Coordination of land use controls to preserve and protect airport.
  • Environmental consequences for proposed airport development.
  • Estimated project costs associated with the development program.
  • Identify operational and management needs to implement planning goals.

The Airport Master Plan identifies a schedule of needs that are consistent with current FAA design standards and airspace criteria and WSDOT Aviation Division aviation policy standards. The approved Airport Master Plan will enable the Port to plan and implement improvement projects in a coordinated fashion and apply for airport development grants for eligible items depicted on the updated Jefferson County International Airport Layout Plan (ALP) drawings. In addition, the Airport Master Plan identifies the location and extent of airport improvements. This will promote more effective long-range planning, programming, and budgeting throughout the community, facilitate the review and approval of subsequent development applications, and provide for orderly and timely development in a coordinated fashion.

Overall, the Airport Master Plan provides the basis for an airport facility that is:

  • Safe, and developed in accordance with FAA/WSDOT design standards;
  • Economically viable and self-sustaining;
  • Consistent with local, regional, state, and national goals and policies.