Because of all of the misinformation out there the Port wanted to share the actual marina survey prepared in September of this year. The objective was to poll the 88 marinas in Puget Sound to better understand what the marina rates were for the region.

The question asked was what would it cost to moor a 25’, 30’, 40’, and 50’ boat in your marina. This was to include any environmental fees, taxes and base electric fees. The results were then sorted by size and color-coded. The direction of Commissioner Tucker was to identify what the representative rate would be for an amount 90% of midpoint.

Because there are extreme marina rates out there the highest priced marina (Carillon Point) and the lowest priced marina (Keyport) were not included in this formula, although they are on the spreadsheet for rate review.

The attached spreadsheet shows the blue line to be midpoint for each size of boat; the yellow line would represent 90% of mid-point; and, the red would be the Port of Port Townsend’s rates.

In addition, on the first page we have included the five local marinas for comparison. In each category the Port of Port Townsend is the second lowest priced marina and is the lowest priced marina in Jefferson County (Port Ludlow, Port Hadlock, Port Townsend Boat Haven)

The purpose of this survey was to merely show the Puget Sound markets and where Port Townsend fits in.

Click here for the 2014 Marina Rate Study