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Gardiner, Mats-Mats Bay, Port Hadlock, PT Boat Haven, Quicene Marina
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The Port of Port Townsend operates several recreational boat launching ramps around Jefferson County, some of which were built with funding assistance from Washington’s Interagency Committee for Outdoor Recreation and the National Park Service. These are maintained for your convenience, and the Port of Port Townsend does not assume any liability for any injury or loss you may suffer while using them. Parking at our launch ramp facilities is at your own risk.

Use of these ramps is fee-based, with the daily use fee set at $10.00 per day.  You may also purchase an annual use permit from the Boat Haven Moorage Office for $70.00. (Annual pass is free with verified VA Determination.)   Port Hadlock Dock – Dinghy/Skiff Tie-up: $125.00/dock, annual and $75.00/beach, annual.

Boat Haven Annual Pass Policy

This new Port policy will allow holders of an annual launch pass the ability to moor their boat in the water for a limited amount of time for a $5 additional fee and thus come in either before or after the ramp rush.

How the program works: An annual launch ramp holder is now able to come into the Boat Haven Moorage office during normal business hours and request and sign up for a temporary use pass. This pass would be available on a space available basis only and would cost $5. If a pass during the day was requested, the holder could be assigned an area to moor from anytime after 8AM until 6PM and must vacate before 6PM or pay the normal daily rate. The evening option would be to launch after 4:30PM and be gone by 8AM the next morning. Again if the holder was still in the slip after 8AM they would be required to pay the normal daily fee. Arrangements for the evening pass must be made during normal business hours at the moorage office. This program would be available for boats under 26 feet in length and only at our Boat Haven facility.

This program is being created, to give added benefit to buying an annual pass but more importantly to help alleviate congestion on the boat ramps during high use times.



The signed route to the Gardiner boat launch ramp turns north from Route 101 onto Gardiner Beach Road.  You will have to stop at the intersection with Old Gardiner Road after a short, fairly steep downhill piece of road.  If you have any doubt about doing this with a heavier boat, you can branch off onto Old Gardiner Road, east of the Gardiner Beach Road, turning right onto Gardiner Beach Road.  This road will take a sharp left turn at the shore of Discovery Bay, and you’ll be at the boat launch. Please respect the signs asking that you not trespass on the beach to the east or west of the launch ramp.

After you get your boat into the water, please park as far east in the parking lot as you can, so that those who come later on in the day will have adequate room for maneuvering their boat into the water. When you get back and prepare to leave, please return toward Route 101 using the marked route.  Local residents prefer that you not use the roadway that’s marked for local access only.



The Mats-Mats Bay boat launch ramp is located between Port Hadlock and Port Ludlow, and includes a floating pier in a very well sheltered bay. From Oak Bay Road, turn onto Verner Avenue, continuing to the T intersection.  Turn left into the boat launch ramp facility.

Once you launch your boat, please park your vehicle and trailer as close to the top of the lot as possible, so that later arrivals will have more room to maneuver once they have launched their boats. Please respect the private properties that are adjacent to the facility.


hadlock_mapPort Hadlock

This boat launch ramp is located just to the south of the Port Hadlock commercial district.  From Oak Bay Road, turn onto Lower Hadlock Road (large red “Ajax Cafe” sign is a good landmark).  The boat launch ramp is at the bottom of the hill, directly across the T intersection.  The ramp is normally sand-covered, and is best suited to small boats.

Once you have launched your boat, you can park to the sides of the road.

Port Hadlock Dock – Dinghy/Skiff Tie-up Fee:    $125 dock, annual;  $75 beach, annual


boat_haven_rampPort Townsend Boat Haven

The boat launch ramp in Port Townsend’s Boat Haven is located behind the Port’s offices.  Traveling along Sims Way, turn onto Benedict Street at the Safeway fuel station.  Turn right onto Jefferson Street, which takes a sharp turn to the left after the Safeway fuel station.  Turn left at the stop sign, and then left at the end of the parking lot.  You are now at the boat launch ramp.

When you have launched your boat, park in the adjacent parking lot.


quilcene_mapQuilcene (Herb Beck) Marina

The Quilcene Marina boat launch ramp is in the southern part of Jefferson County.  Where U.S. 101 bends sharply in Quilcene, turn onto Linger Longer Road and follow it to the end and turn left into the Quilcene Marina.

The ramp is at the south end of the parking lot.

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