By connecting, cooperating, and learning from each other, we can accomplish great things with the Quilcene community.

“We’re Listening, Quilcene” Report information from the Special Meeting on October 13, 2021:

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What It Is  

The purpose of this effort is to seek a new and more meaningful way for the citizens of south Jefferson County and Quilcene to express their concerns and hopes for the future of the Port’s Herb Beck Marina facility in Quilcene.

The facility is located on Quilcene Bay at the southern terminus of Linger Longer Road (see picture, below).  The property encompasses some 58 acres of waterfront and uplands, together with roughly two (2) acres of tidelands on the west side of the Bay.  The uplands currently play host to Coast Seafoods Company, a gravel parking lot, public restroom and laundry, a marina office, and a swimming beach.  The tidelands are occupied by a 51-slip recreational marina, boat launch ramp, and rock breakwaters.  Read more about the facility.

Herb Beck Marina, Quilcene
(Coast Seafoods, Inc. Oyster Hatchery located center-right)

Faced with restrictions on in-person meetings of the Commission during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Port is seeking innovative ways to hear from citizens on important issues involving the future of its Quilcene property.  According to Commission President Hanke, “We have found that south county residents are eager to become involved and share their views, and we want to help make that happen in a straightforward, welcoming, and conversational way.”

The “Quilcene Outreach: 2021” project is an effort to actively listen to citizens without the interference of an overly bureaucratic process.  We are cordially inviting area residents to participate in discussing issues related to the future of the Quilcene facility, and improvements that can be made to better serve the needs of the community.

Why It Is Needed

The need for more and better communication between Quilcene residents and the Port was recognized by the Commission in January of this year.  The Commissioners were unanimous in their support for encouraging a dialogue with citizens about this treasured public gathering place and community asset.  “Quilcene Outreach: 2021” is intended to fulfill this goal and to ensure that the Port is actively listening to and learning from the people who use the facility and know it well.

One of the objectives of the effort is to provide an avenue for a broad cross-section of people to participate in Port governance issues and have a voice.  By facilitating an informal “listening tour” with limited in-person, phone, and online communication (without direct Port staff or Commissioner participation), we hope to ignite community conversations on important Port issues and gain insights from a wide cross-section of the Quilcene community.  With your help we hope to learn how best to improve the marina, and what types of upland uses should be established in the future.

How It Will Work

This outreach effort will be advertised via the Port’s website, posters placed in key locations throughout the community, the Port Townsend-Jefferson County Leader, and by word of mouth.  The Port has retained long time local reporter Jeannie McMacken to conduct one-on-one conversations with up to 100 citizens to learn how people use the Quilcene facility, what they value most about it, and what they would like to see change.  Between mid-May and mid-August, residents will be either contacted directly by Jeannie, have the chance to request and schedule an interview with her, or complete an online questionnaire about the present and future of the Herb Beck Marina.  We may also seek to have in-person listening sessions in Quilcene where people can drop by and speak in person, one-on-one, with Jeannie for 10-20 minutes.  Eight (8) straightforward questions will guide these conversations as we seek to learn from you (see below).

Careful notes will be taken during each of these conversations, and common themes will be identified and recorded.  A report will then be prepared and presented to the community and Commission – hopefully at an in-person meeting at the Quilcene Community Center late this summer.  This “report-out” to the Quilcene community is important to ensure that we’ve heard and accurately characterized what you’ve said.  However, any in-person community meeting will obviously depend upon local Health Department recommendations concerning the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ultimately, via the online questionnaire, phone conversations, and one-on-one “drop by and speak with Jeannie” meetings, we hope to learn from as many citizens as possible.  The “key themes” identified from this listening process will be used by the Port to guide capital budget and policy decisions regarding the future of this treasured south county facility.

How It Will Benefit Quilcene & How It Will Be Used

An important benefit of the “Quilcene Outreach: 2021” process is that it will elevate the discussion both within the community and the Port.  Out of this process we hope to develop a new etiquette for participation that will invite a sharing of ideas, greater community knowledge of Port issues, and help to better align the Port’s decision-making with the community we serve.

In summary, we want to improve communications and our own listening skills.  We want to work with you to solve problems and achieve shared goals in creative ways.  We encourage you to come forward, make your voice heard, and become involved in proactively helping us chart the future of this beloved community facility.

Please Note:  The Port stopped taking feedback / information on Tuesday, August 10, 2021. 

Here is a link to the questions asked on the survey: Quilcene Questions 



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