Director of Operations and Business Development

Position Title: Director of Operations & Business Development
Department/Location: Administrative Office
Reports to: Executive Director
Salary: DOQ

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Position Summary

The Director of Operations & Business Development functions as a member of the Port’s Executive Team.  The position is responsible for the Port’s business operations, property management, and business development.  As an Executive Team member, the Director provides input and analysis for strategic planning and implementation.  The position attends Commission meetings and workshops, is responsible for carrying out policies set forth by the Executive Director and the Commission, and acts on behalf of the Executive Director when directed.

The Port of Port Townsend

With its maritime heritage, artist spirit, and a touch of urban chic, Port Townsend is a dynamic destination that caters to a wide range of interests. Located on the eastern edge of Olympic National Park, Port Townsend and Jefferson County provide a rare combination of marine access, and mountain pursuits.  Port Townsend is a national historic Victorian Seaport. The area’s rich maritime tradition is celebrated throughout the year, but particularly each September at the famous Wooden Boat Festival, which draws tens of thousands of visitors to the area.

The Port of Port Townsend is a publicly owned and operated, special purpose district authorized by state law to plan, construct, operate, and maintain physical improvements. The Port’s facilities and activities provide a substantial base of economic activity and employment within the City of Port Townsend and Jefferson County.

Featuring a heavy boat haul-out facility, the Port Townsend Boat Yard has a regional reputation for quality and economy and is a destination of choice for vessel maintenance, refits and new construction of all types. It supports over 450 people working in approximately 100 marine trades businesses. The full-service Port Townsend Boat Haven Marina provides permanent and transient moorage year-round. It is home to 475 commercial and recreational vessels and each year provides more than 6,000 overnight guest moorage accommodations for visiting vessels.

Point Hudson Marina and RV Park is home to the Northwest Maritime Center and the annual Wooden Boat Festival. The 4-acre marina has 44 slips and 700 feet of linear docks dedicated to transient guest moorage. The site is also home to a recreational RV park with 48 spots as well as several marine trades businesses. Jefferson County International Airport is the county’s only general aviation airport, located four miles southwest of Port Townsend. The Port has more than doubled the initial landholding to 316 acres and constructed a single 3,000-foot paved runway.

On the west shore of Quilcene Bay, the Port owns about 50 acres of waterfront and uplands. The major tenant is a large shellfish hatchery and processing facility. A mix of transient, permanent and commercial moorage is provided at Herb Beck Marina. Numerous other boat ramps are also maintained throughout the County.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities shown are intended to indicate the type of work performed and should not be understood as an exhaustive list of all tasks assigned to this position.

A. Advises and supports the Executive Director and the Port Commissioners on policy and oversight.  Provides leadership on overall Port management and strategic business development.

B. Directs and provides overall management to the Port’s management team responsible for Hoist and Ship/Boat Yard(s), Boat Haven Marina and properties, Point Hudson Marina and properties, Airport, Quilcene Marina and properties, Maintenance, and other functions, services, projects and activities.

C. Plans for the efficient utilization and optimization of all Port properties and facilities.  Provides financial and operational analysis regarding performance of business centers and assets.  Helps to establish financial and operational benchmarks and regularly tracks progress towards goals.  Regularly tracks market trends and opportunities and makes recommendations for investments and/or operational changes to position the Port for financial sustainability and to support the health of the local economy.

D. Develop and implement short and long-term plans, which include the highest and best use strategies and business cases, for Port business lines and properties that are in alignment with the Port’s Comprehensive and Strategic plans.

E. Keeps abreast of the economic drivers and conditions of each business line.  As a member of the Executive Team, provides input and analysis regarding organizational performance and progress towards strategic goals.

F. Conducts lease negotiations with prospective and existing tenants, subject to approval by Port Commission.  Coordinates with Executive Team members and the Port Attorney for optimization of terms and support of strategic goals.

G. Works with Port tenants and staff to ensure compliance with all relevant operational, environmental and safety regulations.  Plans for all relevant staff training to achieve such compliance.

H. Operationalizes customer service standards and provides appropriate staff training and oversight to achieve such standards.

I. Provides management assistance by preparation of various analyses, studies, reports, and projects as directed by the Executive Director.

J. Formulates and executes marketing plans for each of the Port’s business lines, in conjunction with business line managers, to increase property and service revenues. Implements marketing strategies for targeted real estate development projects. Develops marketing, promotion and leasing programs for Port properties and businesses.  Participates at trade shows and conferences to advance the mission of the Port and identify new sustainable business opportunities.

K. As a member of the Executive Team, provides input and analysis regarding capital improvements planning.  Assists with planning, permitting and capital financial planning tasks as needed.

L. Assists in preparation of the annual Port budget.

M. Participates in the administration of labor contracts with Port bargaining units.

N. Performs other duties, responsibilities, and special projects, as may be required.

Minimum Qualifications

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform all of the duties described in an efficient and competent manner. The requirements and conditions listed are representative of the minimum levels.

  1. Education: BA or BS degree in business administration, public administration, marketing, engineering, economics, or related area is required.
  2. Experience: Minimum of five years of senior management of industrial operations, marine facilities, property management and development, and business development required.  Excellent negotiating skills and able to work in a team environment.  Experience and familiarity with public sector management comparable to the Port’s business, operations, and maintenance functions.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Requirements outlined in this description may be subject to modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities otherwise qualified for this position.

  1. Ability to lead and oversee operations functions comparable to the Port’s hoist/yard, marinas, airport, and other services.
  2. Ability to manage and lead a diverse staff, meeting standards for personnel management, supervision, selection, training, evaluation, recognition, discipline, and development.
  3. Ability to provide analysis and recommendations regarding organizational performance and investment. Knowledge of business ratios, performance indicators and industry benchmarks is required.
  4. Ability to perform complex business calculations such as net present value and internal rate of return in order to analyze business and financial opportunities.
  5. Ability to lead, investigate and provide practical solutions to property and general management problems and to deal with complex management, community, industry, and Port issues.
  6. Ability to work very closely with Port Commissioners, Port staff, and Port customers, tenants, and the general public to maintain effective relationships, promote goodwill, and maintain the brand integrity of the Port.
  7. In depth knowledge of the marine trades.
  8. Excellent verbal and written communication skills and presentation skills.
  9. Knowledge of business, economic development, marketing, tourism, public relations and other issues that may affect Jefferson County.
  10. Ability to create and implement marketing strategies, communications and materials for Port tenants and the public.
  11. Ability to effectively present detailed information to tenants, customers and the public.
  12. Ability to present business cases to the public and to the Board of Commissioners in open public meetings.
  13. Ability to analyze extremely complex leases, contracts, agreements and documents.
  14. Ability to travel, including internationally, as needed.
  15. Ability to effectively use computer software including Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and property management programs.

Physical Requirements and Work Environment

Duties require administrative related physical efforts and are primarily performed in an office and meeting environment while sitting at a desk or computer terminal or doing presentations.  Duties also require ability to navigate through both industrial areas and marine facilities that include uneven surfaces. Travel, overtime and evening meetings may be required.

Certificates, Licenses, or Registrations

Valid Washington State driver’s license.

Equal Opportunity Employer – Americans with Disabilities Act


Application For Employment


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  • Exclude those that may disclose your race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin.
  • Any misrepresentation or omission made by me on this form, or any supplement, will be sufficient grounds for immediate termination.
    An affirmative answer will not automatically disqualify you from being considered for employment.

    It is the policy of the Port of Port Townsend to maintain a drug free workplace. Employees who are observed in possession or using controlled substances (drugs) will be terminated and may have criminal actions filed against them. If you are affected by, or become an abuser of drugs or alcohol, you may ask for help from your supervisor.


    Equal opportunity is the policy of the Port of Port Townsend and employment opportunities will NOT be limited because of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or nationality and will be so applied. This employer affirmatively seeks to employ and advance qualified Veterans of Vietnam and disabled Veterans. Hiring, promotions, lay-offs, discharge, rate of pay, training and other employment activities will be consistent with this Equal Opportunity Statement. The Port of Port Townsend abides by the principles of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of age. The Port of Port Townsend complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act when requested to make an accommodation.


    I understand that if employed, I am employed AT WILL and that no contract between myself and the Port of Port Townsend is created by my completion of this application, my receiving employment, my continued employment, or my receiving benefit of employment of any type. No promises of any form or nature have been made to me, no guarantee of any length of employment is, or shall be, binding on the Port of Port Townsend, unless in writing. I reserve the right to terminate my employment at any time.
    I agree to physical or other testing when such testing is reasonably necessary in determining job related abilities or a reasonable expectation of successfully performing the job to the employer’s standards. I agree to abide by the Port of Port Townsend rules and policies including the prohibition against any form of sexual or other harassment of another employee or citizen. I agree to participate in employer sponsored benefit programs. My signature certified that I have read this application in detail and am in complete agreement with the contents.


    I, the below signed, make this application as an inducement to this employer to employ applicant. I have read this completed application, including Equal Opportunity Statement and I certify that entries made by me are without omission, are a full, truthful account of my present and past activities. I authorize and give the right to the Port of Port Townsend to make a thorough, vigorous investigation of all entries made on this form by me and other materials I have provided. By my signature I release any and all parties from any and all liability for any and all statements, writings, conversations, or communications of any form, with the Port of Port Townsend regarding any entry on this application and other material I have provided. Any false or misleading statement or entry on this form and other material I have provided is cause for my immediate termination, if I am employed.
    If you decide to engage an investigative consumer-reporting agency to report on my credit and personal history, I authorize you to do so. If a report is obtained you must provide, at my request, the name and address of the agency so I may obtain from them the nature and substance of the information contained in the report.

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    In consideration for assisting me in my application for employment, I, the above applicant, the below signed, hereby RELEASE AND HOLD HARMLESS the reference recipient person, corporation, company or other entity receiving this release from any and all possible damages, direct or consequential, immediate or remote, of all forms or types, that I may sustain or allege to sustain by virtue of the recipient person, corporation, company or other entity from complying with my request to fully and completely comply with the investigation, inquiry or interests of the employer to whom I have made an Application of Employment and is the bearer of the Authorization. I have given my consent to reproduce this Release and such copy shall be considered to be the original for all purposes whether such copy is by photo reproduction or an electronically transmitted facsimile.

  • Please type your full name and today's date as your release.

  • The Port Commission has directed staff to analyze the sale of an underperforming set of assets. The set of assets includes leased property to a stable tenant (with 20 years remaining on the lease) that has expressed interest in purchasing its leasehold. The remaining area outside of the tenant’s leasehold provides community access to a warm water beach, a boat ramp and a bathroom facility.
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