Point Hudson Development Strategy 

Point Hudson is a unique place close to the heart of Port Townsend’s history as a Victorian seaport. In the past, the vision for Point Hudson has been based on maintaining its role in the maritime economy, providing public access to the water, and protecting its historic resources.

As the owner of the property, the Port of Port Townsend has dedicated significant resources to achieve that vision, including support of artisan maritime craftsmen, rebuilding the marina, and maintaining public access to the property. However, the promise of Point Hudson’s tomorrow hasn’t completely come to fruition, that is why the Port is working to formulate a development strategy that aligns with the six goals adopted by the Port and the City of Port Townsend through Joint Resolution No. 94-148, which are also included as part of the City’s Shoreline Master Program. These six goals were meant to guide planning processes and future development at Point Hudson while charting a course for fulfilling its potential.

  1. Point Hudson must be financially self-supporting;
  2. Protect small scale nature;
  3. Provide a high degree of public access/use;
  4. Preserve the historic character;
  5. Encourage maritime trades and water-oriented uses; and
  6. Maintain property in Port/public ownership.

CERB Funding & Consultant 

The Port was awarded grant funding from the Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) to conduct a development strategy for Point Hudson focusing on revitalization planning and feasibility. When completed, this strategy/study will provide clear direction regarding how the Port can revitalize and maintain this iconic and historic facility in a manner that is financially sustainable, in alignment with community goals, and supportive of local economic vitality.

With this funding, on June 1, 2017, the Port entered into an agreement with Maul Foster & Alongi, an environmental engineering and consulting firm to prepare a development strategy for Point Hudson. The process of preparing this development strategy involves the following:

  • Current Conditions Assessment
  • Market Assessment
  • Conceptual Development Options
  • Community Outreach
  • Implementation Strategy

Development/Long-Term Strategy Process Timeline

Meetings, Community Engagement & Outreach Opportunities

Survey Results

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