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clean_marina_150We recognize that we are caretakers of very special public properties. We are dedicated to safeguarding our historic character, community assets, and environmental resources for current and future generations.

The Port of Port Townsend has become a national leader in environmental stewardship, successfully building partnerships with private business, public agencies, and nonprofit groups to apply a “triple bottom line” approach in all its activities – where economic, environmental and social consequences are factored into decision-making. By honoring these principles of sustainability, the Port has been able to make possible economic development that is supported by a wide cross-section of Jefferson County residents.

One of the Port’s key strategic directions is to “become a recognized leader in environmental stewardship and the protection of community assets.”

The Port is attentive in its role as the caretakers of a number of unique public properties. We seek to protect our community’s shorelines, improve stormwater management techniques, and safeguard Jefferson County’s maritime culture. We are dedicated to protecting the historic character of our properties and their important ecological features for current and future generations.

Our strategic plan outlines a number of key objectives that we are currently working towards:

  • Continue to preserve and enhance important environmental resources on Port properties.
  • Provide innovative and proactive management and control programs to address specific environmental issues.
  • Build partnerships with non-profit organizations, schools and other governmental agencies to offer education and training in environmental stewardship and best management practices.
  • Partner with non-profits and educational institutions to seek funding to expand marine trades training opportunities, particularly those associated with environmental best management practices (BMPs) and innovative technologies.
    • Collaborate with the Jefferson County Marine Resources Committee (MRC) and other non-profits to educate boaters on wash-down techniques to avoid cross contamination of water bodies by invasive species (e.g., “tunicates”).
    • Support non-profit educational initiatives to enhance marine trades and expand on-the-water maritime experience programs, particularly introductory and youth-oriented programs.
    • Work with Jefferson County and the City of Port Townsend to apply green building standards and obtain certification for new structures on Port properties (e.g., “LEED” Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or other similar or equivalent certification).
    • Champion the environmental stewardship efforts of local businesses, non-profits and the Jefferson County Marine Resources Committee (e.g., local businesses certified through the “EnviroStars Program” for reducing, recycling, and properly managing hazardous waste).
    • Collaborate with ongoing efforts to maintain Port Townsend interpretive signs and marker buoys that foster boater education.

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